“The first thing that pulls you in is her voice; captivating, compelling & dynamic. Then you hear the beautiful melodic lines & the intelligent, thoughtful lyrics in her songs. You watch her play and you cannot help but be impressed by her musicianship. Annie Fitzgerald is a music executive’s dream. I look forward to watching her star rise.” –Bob Leone – Projects director (1988-2006) Songwriters Hall of Fame

“Artists of Annie Fitzgerald’s caliber are, in a word, rare. To call Fitzgerald brilliant understates the case. This country-rock siren is a natural force discerning listeners do themselves a favor to enjoy.”  –Dwight Hobbes, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Daily Planet  Read Full Review

 Annie Fitzgerald Finds Her Voice – by Dwight Hobbes (9-19-2011)

“A regular on the New York City Indie scene, Annie Fitzgerald is known in several major US cities as an entrancing performer with a voice that draws you, wraps its arms around you, and just won’t let go. Her songs tackle the little moments in life, drawing the significance of each out into the light in songs that flow like water.” –Wildy’s World  Read Full Review


“A little bit folk, a little bit pop, this thoughtfully produced album is a gem. Fitzgerald has managed to create new music with a message that is thoroughly original by today’s musical standards. The lyrics, all written by Fitzgerald in collaboration with her colleagues, are unpolluted with the synthetic and wholly superficial mess heard in most songs today. It was a joy to hear someone deviate from the norm.” –Cristin Colvin, Elevate Difference  Read Full Review


“Fitzgerald has the type of soulful voice you won’t soon forget and you’re likely to hear more of, so jump on the bandwagon early!” –Outblush  Read Full Review


“Annie really is a unique artist. Sure you can compare her to others, but when it comes down to it, Annie is just simply Annie; a woman with a haunting voice and remarkable knack for writing songs that are easy to identify with. In Good Time is the type of album that makes people sit up an take notice. The songs are all solid and full of heart, life and love. It’s the kind of album that sticks with you long after the last song has played. The lyrics grab you and Annie’s voice finishes the seduction and you’ll be in love with Annie Fitzgerald. In Good Time is definitely one of 2010’s best albums.” –Mossip  Read Full Review


“Her voice is absolutely captivating from the first note of the first song, think of a smoother more welcoming Sarah McLachlan. The musical arrangements fit each song well, and even though this is an independent album it screams big label quality. Lyrically you are pulled in and feel as if she is singing about your life. This is definitely album that you will want to get.  A true find.”  –My Entertainment Buzz  Read Full Review


“With her lyrics, vocals, and a great smile…..She is very engaging on stage.  If you like Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin then you’ll certainly be entertained and swept away in her songs.” –Scout 66 – Big Poppa’s Underground – 91.1FM, Nashville Americana-Folk Artist Annie Fitzgerald Debuts in Nashville


“”In Good Time”, the debut effort from Annie Fitzgerald introduces us to a young woman deserving to be heard.  The lush orchestration and moving lyrics throughout will capture your attention and imagination.  The entire production screams seasoned vet, not raw newcomer and should signal a long exciting career.”- Vinny “Bond” Marini, Music on the Couch


“Annie is amazing. The voice will grab you right away, but the lyrics will really pull you in. Listen and enjoy!” – Preston Waters, Cyclone Radio


“More than anyone else in this post, Annie Fitzgerald belongs to this borderland of ours. She can go from folk to rock in the space of a single song, and have it make perfect sense. She expresses emotion by putting more or less air in her voice, and this technique works for her on both louder and softer passages in the music. Fitzgerald shows both her intelligence and her empathy for her characters beautifully with “Another Sad Love Song”.” – Oliver di Place: From Folk to Rock Read Full Piece


“Sarah McLachlan has nothing on Annie, Annie Fitzgerald is simply outstanding…..what a voice……” – Reggae Link, BlogTalkRadio


“Annie gave us the show of a lifetime. Her performance on “The Live Sessions” touched each listener’s heart with her simply wonderful songs, magnificent performance, and genuine persona. If you are in the New York area, and you would like to hear some of the very best music in town – Go see Annie Fitzgerald.” -Jazzy J, owner of Twin Cities Radio


“Annie Fitzgerald has a pure beauty and emotion in her voice. Her songs draw you in and are really lovely and well thought out. She is a fantastic singer songwriter of the future.”BRCFP Radio


Video: KARE11 Showcase Minnesota Interview & Performance

Fitzgerald’s Time Has Come – Crookston Times

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