In Good Time


Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Matt Patrick at the Library, Minneapolis, MN
Assistant Engineers: Aaron Fabbrini & Matt Brown
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rareform Mastering in Minneapolis, MN
Photography by Ann Marsden & Annie Fitzgerald
All songs written by Annie Fitzgerald & Matt Patrick, except for “Another Sad Love Song” written by Annie Fitzgerald, and “Old Souvenirs”, written by Annie Fitzgerald & John Lynn. Annie Fitzgerald, Pin Curl Productions LLC ( BMI), matrickmusic (BMI)

This record is dedicated to Anne Schneider.  You always inspired & encouraged me that anything I dreamed was possible if I just believed. I will be forever grateful. I hope you know.

This album was created with the incredible generosity of Valerie & Charlie, Amy Jo, Steve & Adrianne, Kathy, Jen & Chris, Chastine, Bill C., John T, and other sponsor supporters. Thank you so much for believing in my music.

Thank You: To Mom & Dad, for nurturing my creativity and my soul always, for the countless hours spent listening to my demo’s, for your wholehearted belief in me, and for being two of my closest friends. I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be your daughter. To Ryan, whose support and love I treasure. You make me better everyday. (All the way, all the time) To my brother John: Thank you for your gentle listening ear, for your friendship, and for wishing under the bridge. To Grandpa: I love you. Thank you for believing in me. To Amy Jo: For a place to hang my hat, for equating my music to yummy chocolate & wine, and for talks that lead to great discovery. To Sona, whose spirit reminded me of my adventures as a curious young girl. To Eric Mark, Stephie, Janna, Sara, Mindy, Tam, Andreea, Trisha & Jeremy, Brandi, Kristy, Stephanie, Laura & Jazzy for encouraging me throughout this process. To BB: For all that you’ve taught me, I’m still grateful. To Vicky Emerson: Thank you for helping me find my way here. To Matt Patrick: Thank you for your shared vision & enthusiasm, your incredible talent, and for helping me dig deep & stop playing it safe. Thank you to all of the amazing musicians who played on this record. Hearing these songs come to life through your talent has been such a gift. Last but certainly not least, to my family, friends, sponsors, and fans. You help make my journey possible, and for that, I cannot thank you enough. With Love, Annie

Musicians on the Album:
Annie Fitzgerald: Vocals
Steve Goold (Sara Bareilles): drums, shaker, tambourine
Pete O’Neill:  bass guitar
Tyler Burkum (Leagues, Matt Kearney):  electric guitar, 12 string electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lap steel
Ashley Ewing: piano, backing vocals on “Old Souvenirs”
Steve Roehm (The New Standards, Dan Wilson):  vibraphone
Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird): electric guitar, Farfisa organ and tambourine on “The Net”
Charlie Peterson:  Hammond B3 on “Another Sad Love Song”
Vicky Emerson:  backing vocals on “The Net”
Matt Patrick:  Hammond B3, Wurlitzer electric piano, Mellotron, Lowrey Contempo 80 organ, Wurlitzer MLM organ, accordion, glockenspiel, banjo, thunder tube, taisho-goto, Sequential Circuits Prelude, Fender Rhodes, cello, baritone horn, whirly tubes, hammered dulcimer, backing vocals, (drums, shaker, jingle bells, baritone guitar, bass guitar and high-strung acoustic guitar on “Cellar Door”)


This clock means a lot to me. So much so, that I had to have it be a part of the album artwork somewhere. This was my Grandparent’s clock. It hung in their basement right above the record player where I discovered a lot of the music that has influenced me over the years. I used to listen intently, and stare at this clock’s lines and symmetry.

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