New YouTube Video, Lullaby Album, and Our Good News

Happy Happy Summer!

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper update and hello. I hope your June has started off with a bang! Oh how I am missing the Minnesota lakes right now!

I actually won’t be able to make it back to MN this summer (*sad face*), because I am currently under strict orders not to travel. (for a good reason, I promise) Back in December, my husband Ryan and I got news that we were expecting a baby, and we’re now 6 weeks away from the “guess date” of when our little man is to make his appearance! We are so excited for this new chapter, and of course nervous in all the ways new parents usually are. Lots of creative nursery projects (paintings of elephants, anyone?:), reading of books, & nesting have been happening at our house. We have been making a habit of putting headphones on my belly, and playing everything from blues to classical music to him. So far, he’s proven to be a big fan of Van Morrison, Mozart, and Slim Harpo (which makes his Grandpa Charlie pretty happy).

I’ve been inspired by this new adventure of becoming a Mom. Besides encouraging my writing for the next record in new ways (which I’m sure will only be more so once he’s born) I’ve thought about which lullaby’s I would sing to him on sleepless nights. That turned into playing around with different songs and ultimately deciding that I wanted to put a record together to remember this time. (a little Bob Dylan, a few traditional lullaby’s….even a Pearl Jam tune) I was trying out one of the songs on our dogs (a.k.a. our little sleep farmers) this past weekend, and Ry took a video. It’s a cover song by the indie band Clem Snide called “Find Love” posted below. (my belly has become quite the nice little guitar “proper-upper”:)

I’m going to make a habit of throwing more videos up on YouTube. Join me there or on Facebook or Twitter (icons on top right of this page will take you there) for regular updates, if you haven’t already.

Wishing you a wonderful summer & sending love your way!